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Once upon a turntable, not too many mixes ago, there were a few independent music artists looking to enhance their sound with some professional, quality audio engineering and instrumentals.

One of these artists tried their hand with some music mixing software…but since he didn’t go to a music production school, the learning curve limited his skills and his results were pretty basic.

Another artist even tried to build a small home recording studio…but just like most people, she still had a full-time day job and quickly realized that the time commitment and cost would be more than she bargained for.

The third artist figured that instead of wasting valuable time trying to BE the next super producer for their project…they would just FIND that next super producer for their project. But how?

Online search results showed some websites that worked okay and some that didn’t load at all.  Some producers seemed legit, but most looked like amateurs.  There were hardly any reviews from other artists that could vouch for the producers’ work quality, work ethic, and professionalism.  

Needless to say, there was a problem here! 

A.) Plenty of high-quality music producers in cities around the world are looking to increase their exposure. 

B.) Thousands of recording artists want to work with authentic, local producers.

So what if there was a directory website that was feature-packed, yet super easy for artists and producers to use?

What if the name of this website was dead simple and easy to remember?

Most importantly, what if this website could truly help bring music makers together?

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