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…Everybody Eats…

My philosophy revolves around the age-old “win/win situation”…or as it’s known where I’m from…”everybody eats”.  I want success for all artists and producers, signed or un-signed.  I love all genres of music, too, so I’ll never be boxed into favoring only a certain style.  This is the attitude I bring to the table with the LocalMusicProducers.com platform.

You see, my mission is to bring together recording artists with music producers local to their area.  I want to help foster that quality, face-to-face synergy that can sometimes get lost when the production work is only done through digital means.  Now there is nothing wrong with getting tracked out exclusive beats and instrumentals, laying the vocals, and sending it all off to get professionally mastered…but that authentic vibe from working in a studio just can’t be reproduced.

Every super-producer that has stood the test of time works with artists on a personal level, and there are 1,000s of students following in their footsteps.  But for these up-and-coming producers to flourish, they need a simple system in place to help more artists find them.  LocalMusicProducers.com is that system.  Breakthrough artists can record with awesome new producers, and producers can build their brand creating the music they love.

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