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The name seems self-explanatory, but just to be sure, what exactly is this website?

At its core, is a growing directory of music producers around the world. 

In addition to Producers that work with Artists over the net, this directory is especially for those Producers that appreciate the vibes of taking care of their business with Artists in-person.

Cool…so how do awesome Producers like myself use

Producers can identify themselves as the go-to person or studio in their city by simply signing up and creating a listing in our directory.

Select the type of producer you are, your music genre specialties, and then enter your producer information.

Listings can include all the important features shown up top that Artists look for when they want to connect.

Okay, gotcha. And the how do the Artists in my city connect with me?

Artists use the directory to search for Producers by type or by location, and then they can filter results by genre of music.

Once on your listing, Artists connect with you through direct message or through other contact information you provide, as well as leave reviews when they create their free account.

With an account, Artists can also create a page for themselves to maximize their own exposure.

Why are the prices for the Producer listing memberships so crazy low? Don’t you know how much Producers and Artists can make after benefiting from

You’re not complaining are you, LOL…

No, but seriously, we’d make it free if we didn’t have to pay the bills to keep the site running. Our passion is more about providing value and opportunity to Producers and Artists than it is to simply turn a profit.

However…the larger we grow, the more it’ll take to keep things silky smooth for you, so be sure to create your listing now to lock in your low membership rates!

I can definitely appreciate that! Is there any kind of contract or long-term commitment with the memberships?


We keep the memberships as a monthly service and there is no long-term obligation, so you change your membership at any time and cancel at any time.

I can appreciate that. And is like those other sites that ask for a cut from the business we do with Artists?

Not at all.

We’re not a marketplace, we’re not agents, and we don’t ask for a single dime from your business with Artists. Connect with all the Artists you want, sell all the beats you want, book as much studio time as you want.

What’s yours is yours, just tell a friend about us :-)

I'm in! What type of payment options do you accept for the memberships?

We currently accept PayPal, which supports a variety of major credit cards - to include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club.

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